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July 29th 2016

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Experience the hacker's side of cyberpunk in Cyber Sentinel! This design-based puzzle game features a complete visual programming kit for designing your own viruses.


In college I was introduced to the works of Alan Turing - great British pioneer of computer science, logician, cryptoanalyst and philosopher who helped decrypt nazis' Enigma. To be specific I was interested in diagrams of his universal state machine. Right away I started to thought if it could be used as game base but I didn't got into gamedev in that time. Years later when I decided I want to make games instead of working in corporations I started from making games during game jams. One of them was itch.io's CyberPunk Jam and this was the time I got an idea how to implement those diagrams - you're a hacker in 80/90' cyberpunk future using them to program viruses/trojans that steal data and avoid detection.


  • addictive puzzles - be a godlike hacker observing his creations come to life
  • quick to learn, hard to master - more elegant solutions are rewarded with more points
  • 80'/90' movies about future, cyberspace feeling
  • 45 levels with increasing difficulty and grading system
  • level editor and option to play and rate other players' levels


Trailer YouTube

Gameplay YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (19MB)
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Cyber Sentinel Credits

Marcin Puchalski
Development, graphics etc.

Paulina Szczubidło
play testing, actor in graphic novel

Jay Man - OurMusicBox

Dark Archon
Additional help

Monika Typel
graphic novel actor

graphic novel actor

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks