Personalised mobile applications are now important showcase of many companies. Thanks to them it's easier to contact with current clients and acquire new ones. Today the business is inseparably connected with new technologies, thanks to these solutions it's easy to build positive image of your brand.


We create personalised desktop applications dedicated from the ground-up to your demands. Thanks to broad capabilities of new technologies You can discover new perspectives for development of your company.

Desktop Apps include:

  • office apps
  • design tools
  • apps for data analysis
  • multimedia presentations
  • educational programs
  • administrative tools
  • databases


We create many kinds of games fro simple mobile games to expanded Virtual Reality games. We use games' capabilities in remarkable ways i.e.: for show programs or to promote events. Thanks to this kind of solutions You can easily incorporate gamification to promote your brand and thanks to that acquire new clients, who seek something fresh in products and services they buy.

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